DMM Advisory Group is an international group of diamond, metals & mining and financial experts who have the collective vision of helping our clients to capitalise on the structural change the industry is undergoing and the opportunities the future will represent.

Core Team

DMM Advisory Group was initiated in order to combine existing sector knowledge and expertise into an appealing consulting offering. Our core team includes senior executives from the metals, mining and diamond sector.

Krisztina Kalman-Schueler
Managing Partner

Krisztina has gathered over 15 years expertise in the strategy and management consulting sector having worked for The Boston Consulting Group, St. Gallen Consulting Group and Gorham & Partners. Her main focus is providing consulting services for the diamonds, metals and mining sectors. Her list of clients include Rio Tinto, BHPB, Alrosa, De Beers, Sherritt, European Nickel, Tata Steel, International Copper Association, worldsteel, World Gold Council, many junior mining and exploration companies, financiers and other relevant companies. She has a Bachelor degree from the University of Cologne, Germany and MBA from NYU Stern New York. Krisztina is heading the DMM London office.

Somerset Parker
Principal Advisor, Nickel and Cobalt

Somerset has 25 years of business experience in the nickel and cobalt sector. He has worked for Jaguar Nickel Inc. as Vice President Marketing and Corporate Development, where he developed strategies for nickel and cobalt and maintained direct contact with major nickel and cobalt consumers. He also worked for Anaconda Nickel as Senior Marketing Executive where he participated in two Bank Feasibility Studies on the marketing chapters for nickel and cobalt. Before this he worked for Falconbridge Ltd. where as Director, Export Sales he was responsible for annual sales of 11,600 MT of nickel, 5,600 MT of ferronickel and 150 MT of cobalt. Somerset is based in Toronto.

Elisabeth Torsner
Principal Advisor, Steel and Stainless Steel

Elisabeth has an extensive 40-year career in the steel and stainless steel industry. She worked for over 30 years with Outokumpu/Avesta Sheffield, most recently as VP Technology and Technical Market Development in North America. This work included strategy and competitor evaluations as well as identifying and developing new application areas for stainless steel, among them the mining industry. Before this she started up the Steckel hot rolling mill in Avesta, Sweden, then the Group’s largest investment. Elisabeth served as chairperson of the Environmental Committee of the Specialty Steel Industry of North America where she influenced US and International environmental legislation. She is now based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Marja Kirves
Market and Corporate Research Consultant

A research specialist with over 25 years proven expertise in market research and analysis, competitor analysis, benchmarking, preparation of (Pre-)Feasibility reports, due diligence, DCF modeling, evaluation of new projects and of sales contracts, and material management studies for major producers such as Falconbridge/Xstrata, and Indusmin, and a number of junior resource companies. Demonstrated strength in reporting on industry in management reports, providing for corporate filings and for technical reports. Recognized for quality of speeches and presentations. In depth expertise for nickel, copper, zinc, precious metals. Marja is based in Toronto.

Tiger Hu
Senior Geologist

Tiger has 35 years experience in diamond, base and precious metals exploration. Previously he worked in No.7 geological brigade Shandong province as a Chief Geologist, for De Beers exploration Department Beijing Representative Office as a Senior Advisor and for the Anglo American plc Beijing Representative Office as a Technical Manager and Senior Advisor. Tiger has a good working relationship with the Chinese Ministry of Land & Resources and with the Provincial Departments of Land & Resources. He is familiar with the Chinese Mineral Resources Law and how to run a mining and producer business in China. He has strong relationships to many mining and producer companies in China. Tiger is based in Beijing, China.

Our core team is assisted by DMM’s group of researchers and junior consultants.

Expert Team

Where specific skills/experience are required, specialist experts will be brought into the team using our global network of experts.

Metals: DMM’s expert network includes specialist metals experts for aluminium, nickel, steel, iron ore, copper, chromium, molybdenum, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese and further metal products or intermediates.

Diamonds: For diamond projects we work with regional diamond market experts, experts in sourcing investment grade diamonds and with diamond evaluation specialists.

Analysts and financial experts: DMM works together with reputable price and market analysts for market investigations and forecasting and with financial experts who provide the financial review and modeling with the objective of financial evaluation of projects. If needed we also have access to experts for financial structuring and M&A deals.

For example we are to engage a third party market based expert company to provide regular, up to date rough diamond pricing data to assist in our strategic recommendations and decision making.

Technical consulting: DMM has a network of experienced geologists and mining engineers for technical feasibility, calculating or estimating CAPEX and OPEX of mining projects or for technical design of a specific mine.


As the mining and producer markets are truly global, it is important that we, too, are able to operate and utilize an international team. With headquarter in London and operating bases in Antwerp, Toronto, Beijing, Santiago de Chile and Johannesburg, we therefore work globally.