DMM experts have experience across a number of base metals including copper, steel, nickel, aluminium, zinc, lead, chromium,
molybdenum and different alloys including stainless steel, ferroalloys, brass, bronze, high-performance alloys.

Our experts are able to provide in-depth knowledge about the products, supply, demand, markets and value chains of each metal and alloy.
We are also best placed to cross reference and compare different metals to compare competitiveness and market practice and learn from others.

Example of base metal projects:

Market assessment in a fast-changing environment
  • Assessment of future themes and trends relevant for the demand and value chains of specific metals.
  • Impact of Covid-19 on the demand and market structure of specific metals (medium and long-term investigation).
  • Substitution study measuring the extent a base metal is substituted by other materials and technologies across products, end use applications and geographies, drivers of substitution and forecasting future substitution.
  • Changes in specific value chains, material flows, market participants, smelter terms after significant change or shock in the market environment.
  • Comparative assessment of the market potential, future market growth and expected future revenues of different base metals.
Market entry studies
  • Market entry study for alternative intermediate mining products and target markets for the commercial section of the feasibility study.
  • Specific market studies focussing on China and Asia, assessing potential of market entry for different mining and metal products.
  • Market entry analysis for an innovative steel production technology for a Steel Service Centre.
  • Independent market evaluation for optional products such as MSP/MHP/FeNi/NiO/Ni briquettes, Ni cathode etc.
  • Investigation and development of value maximising options to commercialise by-products.
Investigations of niche and less well documented market segments
  • Supply/demand and price forecast for different metals,
    alloys and intermediates.
  • Appraisal of less well documented markets including:
    • niche markets
    • ore concentrate markets
    • smelters’ terms
    • markets of further intermediate products.
  • Analysis of different market participants including technologies used, products produced, geographic markets, by-products management, commercial terms and customers.
  • Nickel market analysis differentiated for a range of nickel products including substitution between nickel products.
Product and commercial strategies
  • Evaluation of route-to-market and commercial options for projects including:
    • Product strategies
    • Value-maximizing consumer and off-taker strategy
    • Regional demand, market and price differences
  • Polymetallic concentrate marketing and sales support
  • Introduction to niche off-takers, off-taker/investors
  • Commercialisation of tailings.
Regulatory assessment

Comparative evaluation and benchmarking of regulatory challenges for
copper, aluminium, steel, plastics and chemicals.