The diamonds market is unique, often misunderstood. DMM experts have been working in the diamond market
for the last 20 years covering all relevant aspects of this market.

DMM has long established relationships to key market participants: producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, bourses, grading labs,
market organisations and retailers in all relevant geographic markets.

Examples of projects include:

Cooperative diamond projects
  • Development and implementation of the out-reach programme to involve jewellery retailers, manufacturers, grading labs in diamond promotion.
  • Blueprint for a diamond retailer certification scheme.
  • Initiating and managing involvement of local authorities, diamond exchanges and jewellery trade associations etc. in the diamond promotion.
Value chain assessment
  • Analysis of the US diamond pipeline (value chain) for structure, product flows, stocks, margins etc.
  • Evaluation of structural changes and competitiveness of a regional diamond pipeline after an economic crisis.
Diamond marketing strategy
  • Strategy development of diamond promotion without using jewellery brands and companies.
  • Development of marketing structures incl.  off-take agreement for the production of a diamond mine.
Diamond investments
  • Development of the investor presentation on “why to invest into diamond mines?” for a junior diamond mine.
  • Analysis of the investment potential of diamonds.
  • Due diligence of an operating diamond mine for private equity investors.