DMM Experts have been working for trade associations and other independent market organisations for more than 15 years. We are familiar with the market issues faced, mandates given, membership and governance challenges and performance measurement used by market organisations.

As these organisations represent the interest of oft very different members: miners, processors/fabricators/manufacturers, traders, wholesalers, OEMs, governments, R&D units, independent experts etc., very different structures and approaches are required to be able to deliver the mandate.

Projects include:

Demand development
  • Market analysis, supply/demand and price forecast for different metals, alloys and intermediates to complement existing market research.
  • Development of marketing strategy and promotional programmes to increase demand for diamonds.
  • Creation and implementations of structures to involve different public and private stakeholders in marketing programmes.
  • Based on the result of own KPI system, recommendation of value maximizing project combinations.
  • Analysis of different market participants including technologies used, products produced, geographic markets, by-products management, commercial terms and customers.
Benchmarking and strategy
  • Benchmarking 13 trade associations representing different mining products and geographies on their strategy, activities, representation, governance and budget,
  • Benchmarking performance measurement systems of different trade associations.
  • Strategy workshops to facilitate agreement of Members of the Executive Board based on the benchmarking results.
Performance assessment
  • Development of the KPI system for a base metal market organisation.
  • Annual impact measurement of 20 different international demand promotion programmes of a trade associations including interviews with market participants and estimate of the marginal offtake created by each specific programme.
Regulatory evaluation

Comparative evaluation of regulatory challenges for base metals,
plastics and chemicals and resulting action plan for trade associations.