Client’s need

A junior producer required a Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) to secure financing for the construction of the mine and production

Our role

DMM team members have been asked to write the market part of the BFS while an engineering company produced the technical part.


We used market forecast from a reputable source and crosschecked and refined it through interviewing market experts and customers. A consensus price forecast was prepared and used for forecasting the sales of the junior miner.

Project development

The generic market forecasts available for purchase provided only a framework for the market investigation to produce detailed information on the current end expected demand for the specific product of the producer. Using competition analysis, investigation of supply/demand and their balance, of substitution trends across products, and of specific market issues we were able to gain sufficient insight into a not much explored segment of the market.


As the result of the project we provided the BFS which included the in-depth market analysis for the niche product of the producer and we were able to reliably forecast the price and sales for the client for the next 20-30 years.