Client’s need

A diamond producer wanted to understand the rough and polished diamond and the diamond jewellery flows (volume and value)
in a specific country including export and imports, flows, the composition, size and profitability of each level in the pipeline.
In addition to this the producer was interested in the debt and stock levels of companies at each pipeline level.

Our role

DMM team members were asked to carry out a representative market investigation to map out the pipeline model for this specific country


The methodology used combined primary and secondary research including evaluating official statistics and a standardized, interview-based representative market investigation of market experts and companies at each level of the pipeline

Project development

During the project diamond export and import figures of the specific country were evaluated and corrected, further market research on the profitability and other business aspects of companies in the pipeline aggregated, and the market investigation provided relevant information to prepare a credible pipeline model.


Our client used the pipeline model of this particular country to gain understanding of what is happening in the market, how this country reacted to the financial crisis, and also to provide realistic evaluation of anecdotal market feedback from this country.