Client’s need

A new diamond producer requested support and guidance in developing its new, in-house marketing model and business structure

Our role

DMM team members (diamond experts, marketing experts) produced a blueprint for the new producer, enabling it to prepare for market in the most efficient manner.


The methodology we used was based on strong, wide-ranging experience in the field of diamond marketing, thereby pre-empting the pitfalls that can easily beset a new producer.

Project development

Matching the future diamond production profile and the client’s own objectives with local requirements, our team members developed a concise business blueprint, including all diamond processes, sales and marketing methodology, pricing strategy, budget. Over a period of two months the team produced a compelling action plan, which would satisfy all stakeholders


Our recommended approach was accepted by the producer’s Board and implemented, thus saving the producer great time, effort and complexity in the process. This model and structure is in place and operational today.