Client’s need

A diamond trading group wanted to invest in diamond producers to secure off-take agreements for future supply

Our role

A member of our team was selected to help the client clarify his objectives, analyse the industry opportunities, recommend which producers to target, advise on approaches to undertake, open and support subsequent negotiations


We used a combination of research and analysis, application of proprietary market knowledge and contacts, interviews, and direct contact to develop the project

Project development

A member of our team created a global diamond project database, aligning client criteria over the projects, agreed with the client over targeted potential partners, engaged, opened and entered into negotiations with the selected partners


Three target producers were shortlisted and contacted; meetings took place with our principal target and a sales contract was successfully brokered


Using our analytical framework, combined with our in-depth industry know-how and high-level contacts, we were able rapidly to find an interested
diamond producer for our client who met his investment requirements within the specified budget and criteria.