Our team members have wide ranging expertise in all relevant aspects of the mining and diamond market, for majors, juniors and other exploration companies.

Their experience includes all areas of the diamond business: from banks, diamond trading and manufacturing, private equity companies and other financing institutions.
We have listed a few previous projects as case studies to provide a greater insight into the experience of our team members. If you need further information please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

Market investigation case studies
  • Diamond pipeline analysis and dynamics
  • Evaluation of product options available for an expanding major nickel producer
  • Investigation of future copper market drivers
  • Inter-material substitution study for copper and aluminium
  • Evaluation of product options such as MSP and MHP
  • Review of the Chinese and Asian NPI market
  • Technical investigation of the stainless steel production process of large Chinese stainless steel producers using NPI
  • Evaluation of the Nicad/NiMH Battery industries’ market potential regarding
    a new nickel product
Feasibility Studies/Due diligence/Financial evaluation case studies
Sales and marketing development case studies
  • Detailed investigation into the market for a newly developed nickel intermediate product
  • Preparation of off-take agreements including investment for a junior producer
  • Significant market analysis and marketing development project for Tata Steel focusing on long products in the construction industry
  • Securing supply for a diamond trader
  • Sales and marketing development for diamonds
  • Annual evaluation of global gold promotional programs of the World Gold Council
  • Investigating the market response to a flat steel product innovation developed by a European Steel Service Centre
  • Technology and Technical Market Development for major stainless steel producer
  • Management of a hot rolling mill and the meltshop of a major stainless steel producer
  • In-depth materials management study of nickel metal products to determine cost-effective, optimal inventory levels for regional sales offices
  • Evaluation of smelters and their terms for different clients
  • Sales support and facilitation
Strategy development
  • Strategy development for a diamond sector body
  • Strategy benchmarking and recommendation for the International Copper Association
  • Strategy development and development of a key performance indicator system for worldsteel
  • Strategy benchmarking and development of key performance indicator system for the Nickel Institute